I am a lover of books…

…as reading is one of my favourite past times. I’m probably a bit “boring” though as I never read any fiction but only books related to my professional or spiritual growth, including the Bible which actually falls into not only one but both of those two categories! Most of the times I find books that combine the two categories, probably because I’m a strong believer that if one grows spiritually one also grows as a leader. And the other way around.

One of the three books I’m currently reading is about critical values that will change the way we lead and succeed. This is a book about leadership but the subject discussed are some of the very same subjects which I see as part of this new leadership paradigm that we have enter, a paradigm that’s all about the people and not the leader – about “them/You” and not “me/I”. In the book 25 value-inspired leaders talk about the way they lead and it’s truly inspirational to take part of – mainly because I so much agree with their leadership , and life, approach. I can so much relate to the words of Dipak Jain when he says that:

I don’t go through life saying I want to achieve this, I want to be here, or I want to be there. I have a very simple rule: whatever is given to me, I do it in the best possible manner. Let others be the judge if they want to put me in a particular place. Because once you keep doing things with your whole conscience and with your full effort rewards will be there. So, my mission in life is very simple. I am not a person who believes in too much materialism.”

To me this states such healthy view of life, or “success” if one would prefer to talk about that. It’s a statement on how we as humans, as society, really need to re-examine the central core within our own personal life – we need to look at ourselves and ask if we are selfish or selfless. What’s our primary motivation in life? Is it to achieve material things? Is it to control people around us? Or is it, as it should be in my point of view, to be serving, helping and inspiring others to bring out their strengths and talents? Is it about supporting others to be “successful”? True “success” to me is not achieved by superficial material gain but by spiritual growth achieved by being a devoted child of God.

What’s Your thoughts on this – what’s Your definition of “success”?

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