…blessed encounters ♥

Yesterday a loved one of mine shared a recording with me, featuring the talented Jack Kornfield who was talking about relationships. Listening to his wisdom got me thinking about how in fact each and every being that we encounter in our personal and professional lives are a blessed such.

blessingMr Kornfield discussed the different kinds of relationships we have in our lives and the different way they help us to evolve on our spiritual journey. I was fascinated to hear his definition on what he believes is needed in order for a love relationship to be one that helps the two parties involved grow in all areas and not only as a couple but also individually. I most definitely agree with his point of view – and his definition on a truly successful relationship – as I am a strong believer of that the individuals we encounter on our life’s road are sent our way for a specific reason, to in one way or another give us the opportunity to further spiritual growth.

Sometimes we sadly are too occupied with other things to even notice these spiritual teachers and other times we simply recognize them at once. Some of these individuals make a huge impact on our heart and soul and therefore stay in our life for a long period time – maybe even until we pass away, or pass on – while others only crosses our path very briefly. With some of these individuals we may find a friendship attraction and with others a romantic attraction. With some the attraction might be a sexual one and yet with others it may solely be a spiritual one.

happy togetherHowever, once or a few more times in our lifetime we encounter an individual with whom we find an attraction that reaches over all of the four mentioned areas. An attraction that brings with it a close and loving relationship that deepens the friendship as well as the individuals romance and sexual experiences together – their intimacy – as they evolve and explore their spiritual connection as a couple and individually.

It’s always a beautiful encounter when both parties recognize the divine opportunity given and are not only willing but also eager to explore all aspects of life together – each open to individual spiritual lessons and knowledge but always shared with one another. Soulmates maybe? …crossing eachothers path in one lifetime to another? Well, who knows but our God. A blessing it is however as such a intimate and spiritually growing relationship with another human being truly is the most precious gift there is and such a divine gift from our Lord is to be carefully and tenderly cherished…not to prove ourselves presently unworthy of such a gift. God´s grace is good♥

“When you truly find love, you find yourself. Therefore the path to love isn’t a choice, for all of us must find out who we are. This is our spiritual destiny. The path can be postponed; you can lose faith in it or even despair that love exists at all. None of that is permanent; only the path is. Doubt reflects the ego, which is bound in time and space; love reflects God, eternal divine essence. The ultimate promise on the path to love is that you will walk in the light of a truth extending beyond any truth your mind presently knows. Love never forces. Love is intelligent and brings only what you need. Love can heal. Love can renew. Love can make us safe. Love can inspire us with its power. Love can bring us closer to God.” – Deepak Chopra

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