Pure Joy: Conquer Your Fears

Courage is all about being afraid but acting anyway. It is taking a huge leap of faith and act towards something or someone although being afraid. It is listening to God´s voice -which always guides you towards personal growth and true love and not against it – although relatives, friends or others around you advise against it, for whatever expressed purpose. It is trusting yourself and the knowledge you have that God has sent this thing, opportunity, individual etc your way for a very specific positive reason. Courage is taking calculatcourageed risks and realising that in the end you have so much more to gain than to loose. It is being able “at any moment to sacrifice what we are for what we could become” as put by Charles DuBois. Always. Think about it.

Imagine if a fearless spirit took over your body, and used your brain and skills and knowledge. Because this spirit wouldn´t identify with those fearful thoughts that you have as its own, it wouldn´t act accordingly, it would hear them but dismiss them as unimportant. Do you think such a spirit could do or would do things different than you? Well, some may still say that we do need to consider what might go wrong so we won´t make mistakes. Yes, it is logical to think like that. I used to do that myself for a very long time. I brought my professional assignment of analysing and preparing for “the worst case scenario” into my personal life, doing the same thing. At times it was very useful as it felt reassuring to have had covered “the worst thing that could happen” and know that no matter what, I had it all under control – or so I thought. Picturing a “worst case scenario” can be a good thing though if used appropriate. I do not know of anyone who actually have manage to do that however. I sure didn´t manage to use it appropriate myself, which led me to experience lack of control over all things that I wished I would have had control over. I only caused myself to experience more stress. However, very grateful for all the lessons learned, I have since come to terms with that with a strong sense of courage – based on a deep trust in that everything works out accordingly to the bigger purpose, my life’s purpose or God’s plan for me – I do not need to be afraid. What a relief!

i-have-learnedBy being courageous life feels so much easier and fun! By putting our trust in God, knowing that if we just realise and are  appreciative of what or who He sends our way, everything will work out positively as it is meant to be. I’m not saying of course that you should be careless or take the type of risks that could have a negative effect on others or yourself, at least not without everyone included actually agreeing to it. There is however a huge difference between having fearful thoughts that hinder your evolution – your growth as a human being – and the thoughts you have when you in fact have to deal with something that has happened. Let go of all anxiety as you really don’t need it in order to see danger or to take precautions. Your fearful thoughts doesn’t protect you from making mistakes. They do nothing but discourage you. And God doesn´t discourage. God offers guidance, support and courage. God is good and wants nothing but goodness for you.

By being courageous enough to explore whatever He has sent your way I’m absolutely sure that you’ll feel awarded for it. After all, what’s the worst thing that could happen? …you see! Now think about the best thing that could happen and you’ll realize that you do not have anything to be afraid of but everything to gain. Have faith in what or whom God has send you and it’ll all work out for the best! One of my favourite quotes are “courage is not the absence of fear but rather the judgement that something else is more important than feIMG_4786ar”. If you think about that you’ll see that there is so much you can and should do, it could be anything from travelling to unknown places, meeting new people whom might be strangers but can turn out to become your best friends, taking that professional  course which might be the first step to an new exciting career or by giving that specifik person an second chance and be blessed with an soulmate.

In other words, have faith in what or whoever God sends your way, be courageous to explore the possibilities of what can be and it’ll all work out for the best! Dare to take a huge leap of faith in yourself and in the Divine – you surely will find gold at the end of the rainbow. I know this for a fact! I’ve done it more times than I can count and no matter what I experienced along the way, it’s always been and still am worth it in the end. Pure Joy and Happiness ♥

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