Ilife am not perfect and that’s a really great thing for which I am very grateful! Me stating this may not make sense – especially considering that we in our western world crave perfection in all its natural and unnatural forms – but it is a statement which is deeply true. My imperfections and perfections – the divine essence of whom I really am – are the results of a passionate fascinating interesting life, or many, lived. A life (or many lives) that has taught me so much, made me experience even more…but most of all’ve made me grow as a spiritual being. My spiritual journey has taught me who I am rather than the one I, or anyone else for that matter, thought I was. And the best part is that even after 15 years of spiritual awareness and “lessons learned” I am still learning about myself and of everything that our spiritual paths has to offer. It’s fantastic and I am so very very thankful!♥

In her book “Radical Self-Acceptance” buddhist teacher and author Tara Brach talks about the importance of acceptance of who you are – who you truly are. A part of this is to recognize all our feelings, each and every one of our thoughts and analyze our actions – all in order to truthfully know ourselves. This means that those feelings of unworthiness, shame, feeling unloved…all of them can teach you something about yourself without victimizing you. If you are willing to pay attention to them – acknowledge them as being part of who you are – they can tell you about yourself and your spiritual lessons in a truthful divine manner.

For people of our times – individuals who are working on their self-improvement, in a spiritual sense – these feelings are signals of something that we fear (although it may take some really honest inner dialogue to see what it is) and therefore need to work with. We are not to reject them or deny them but to embrace them as what they are. It is not until we do this as we truly can heal and become whole. It is everything about you, perfections and imperfections, that contribute to your uniqueness and it is all the events in your life – the good experiences and the ones that left a wound in your heart – that create the mix that defines the fascinating spiritual being that is YOU.

It is also by accepting our own imperfections just as much as our perfections that we can get to experience the love of others despite their “imperfections” – the experience of a true soulful spiritual loverelationship – as we recognize the reality of the spiritual being they are. Remember the greater picture – the Divine Purpose – “rather than a journey of perfection our journey is towards wholeness” as stated by Tara Brach. Spiritual worthiness.

Until you see the necessity of owning all of who are, you can’t extract the jewels from every experience of your life and your story will continue to use you. It will continue to clobber you over the head and make you act as though you’re small. But the moment you see the value in the parts you hate as well as those you feel good about, the moment you recognize that painful event as the perfect ingredient to make your recipe complete, you will witness the magic of transformation. You will bless what you formerly saw as a curse. You will watch as the horrid becomes holy.” – Debbie Ford

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