♥ Everything’s within you

bekindtoyourselfThe real us is pure love – pure light. We are in everything. There is really no use, no point at all, in searching to find balance in what’s “out there” because it’s not there. To restore balance in one’s life one need to find balance within ones own being – to surrender to “what is” as Eckhart Tolle puts it. By using our attention we can learn a whole new reality – that everything is already here, within us. We don’t need anyone else’s approval, love or admiration to feel happy. We might still want it – which is natural if you love someone – but we do not need it as we are already complete. I know that by telling this to some people – even if being in a deep dialogue of the subject – they look at you as if you are from another planet. It’s understandable as everything that challenges your belief is going to make you feel unsafe – fearful. This is why it takes someone very strong to be able to challenge his/hers own existing believes – it might turn out you’ve been “wrong” and if you’ve been “wrong”, maybe even for a long time, then how can you be sure when you are “right”.

Butterfly-HD-WallpaperI love the way Don Miguel Ruiz, in “The Four Agreements” – the Toltec Wisdom, discusses this subject as he talks about “fear” and the way we react to/from it.  Fear is a powerful feeling that in so many ways unconsciously control our actions. It is out of fear we keep a “social mask” to prevent someone from seeing our true self. It is when we are driven by fear that we say and do things to push people away simply because we  are afraid of being hurt. It is fear that makes us say things that aren’t correct or untrue because we don’t want to fall short or seem to be unsuccessful in someone else’s eyes. We are acting out of what we have been taught on how to behave, what to look like, how to be and what to become. Everything that is “socially correct” or “successful” and yet, by holding on to the feeling of fear and letting it control our actions we are only holding on to an illusion of ourselves. We are holding on to an image of “perfection” as we are afraid of not being good enough in others eyes. Or in how we see ourselves. Sadly we let fear hinder us from realizing that we do not need to be “good”. “successful” or “beautiful” in anyone else’s eyes. We do not need to stay in the material, and sometimes shallow, frame that today’s society has created in order to be “good enough”, “successful” or “beautiful” because it is already within each and every one of us.

No matter what we are doing or how we do it, working with or not working with, how much wfree yourselfe earn or how we earn it or how we look – it’s all believes based on a judgement. Everything we need is already within us. We do not need anyone or anything but we may want someone or something. It’s two totally different things as one is based on fear of not getting what you believe you “need” – it’s expressed from a belief that you are lacking of someone or something – whilst the other is based on love for someone or something out of the ordinary as you know that you already have everything you “need”. You have nothing to lose but everything to gain in other words – now that’s what I call a glorious blessing from the Divine!

“If you wanna live a life of joy and fulfilment you have to find the courage to break those agreements that are fearbased and claim your personal power. The agreements that come from fear require us to expand a lot of energy but the agreements that come from love help us to conserve energy, and even gain extra energy.” – Don Miguel Ruiz

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