Every Relationship…

Untitled-11…is a GIFT – no matter the type of relationship, how it started, how short/long it lasted, how it worked/didn’t work out or how it ended as none of that’s truly important in the bigger picture. Every relationship is a gift and every romantic relationship is the greatest gift of them all.

“We are always healing and we are always vulnerable. There’s no other way to live in a romantic relationship that is also a spiritual relationship”, Daphne Rose Kingma

…on true intimacy and marriages that are divine gifts. I love her clarity, honesty and the way she share of herself while talking about intimate, high-quality and high-integrity relationships that also fulfill our needs and wantings for spiritual growth.

Relationships where the two individuals involved challenge each other to expand rather than shrink spiritually – which in my opinion is the only kind of romantic relationship worth having as it’s nothing but an amazing journey – and how expectations and other pitfalls actually makes for great spiritual lessons if we are courageous (and love) enough to face up to them.

I find this so very interesting and fascinating – spiritual relationships, all the way from their beginning until their end (which btw isn’t the horrendous thing most individuals seem to consider it – probably based on the way “society” view it – but simply beautifully unavoidable) and Miss Kingma’s really great listening to or to read her books. Check her out and be challenged/inspired!

“At the beginning, in the middle and at the end of our lives, LOVE is the only thing that matters. Love–or the lack of it–is what shapes us. Love is what gives our lives beauty, inspiration and hope, what makes us feel that the trip is worth taking. And our relationships, our personal emotional connections, are the most profound expressions of our human longing for love.

Nothing on earth will change you, fill your heart or break your heart so much as a relationship; and nothing can take you apart at the seams like a relationship break-up. We are all desperate, hungry for love; and that’s never been more true than at this chaotic and pivotal moment in human history. As we find ourselves going through more changes in a single lifetime than we ever imagined, we are stressed, afraid, and discouraged.

We all need more love; but we don’t how to get it. This is the greatest human tragedy, something our hearts and souls are begging to be changed. What are we all so scared of? Why is it so terrifying to open our hearts, show ourselves and receive the love that’s coming toward us? How can we be more loving? What can you do so the person you love can feel it? How can you fight without killing each other? What, exactly, are the words and actions and attitudes that can make a difference?” – Daphne Kingma

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