How Kind Words Are Rewarding to Oneself

The Power of Kind Words


Kind words benefit not only the receiver but also the giver, as Father Faber explains: “Kind words make us happy in ourselves. They soothe our own irritation, they charm our cares away, they draw us nearer to God, they raise the temperature of our love. They produce in us a sense of quiet restfulness like that which accompanies the consciousness of forgiven sin. They shed abroad the peace of God within our hearts. . . . We become kinder by saying kind words. . . . They help us also to attain the grace of purity. . . . They win us many other graces from God; but one especially: they appear to have a peculiar congeniality with the grace of contrition, which is softheartedness towards God. Everything which makes us gentle has at the same time a tendency to make us contrite. A natural melting of the heart has…

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