Can being right make you wrong?

Very well put so I just had to share it with you… What do you Think about this – can being right make you wrong?

Faith or Certainty

wrongIs your faith about proving to others that you are in possession of the indisputable truth and suggesting to them that their perspectives are wrong? Maybe you are an enquirer with a belief in God yet in possession of few answers, happy to embrace the journey with whoever would like to take the journey with you. I heard a statement today which said “biblical literalism is not capable of having a conversation, it is only capable of making proclamations”.  Are we conversing or proclaiming?

The former is a factor in what alienates the church from the wider community and makes the message one of judgement. The latter is inviting and accepts other people without judgement which seems to reflect the life of Jesus a little more accurately.

There appears to be ingrained in us, a requirement of others that they conform to our way of thinking and acting. Consciously or unconsciously…

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