Letting go of the Self

“Your vision and life purpose will become clear only when you look into your heart.”

when-ego-is-lostCarl Jung said that and he was most definitely correct. By being willing to leave your level of consciousness and reach into your higher levels you will find that there is so much more of YOU than you can comprehend within your daily awareness. It is in your unconsciousness where you will find the authentic you, as the spiritual being you are. Dr. Wayne W. Dyer expressed this as that

“in order to produce something that is greater than yourself, one has to go out from one self, raise above one self, detach oneself and enter higher regions, so as to capture elements from these regions.”

For many individuals this is something very frightening to do. As a matter of fact, most people do not feel comfortable with even the thought of that there actually is so much more to life – in any dimension – than that which they already have come to grasp. Why? Because it challenges who we think we are at our most fundamental level. It means we are forced to “see” something that we know we can not control – a different ground of self rather than our conditioned sense of need, control, security or the many other ways that we are looking, looking and further looking for outside of ourselves to validate who we are – as it so clearly reveals to us an ever-present dimension of reality beyond mind, time and our embodiment through which we can be clinging to materialistic things for false security.

Serenity%20tor%20rainbow%20quote%202012This fear is burrowed so deep into our self-sense that most of the time we don’t even notice it as we don’t find any resistance on the conscious level. It is at the deeper level of our being that there is a unverbalized resistance because it is plain scary to discover that we are in fact what is – the infinite ground of everything, itself. Of course this realization is essential if we want to transform and, when taken from a fearless (more or less at least) perspective of spiritual growth, frees us from our false identification with our personal history and all the ways things have been as we open up to true divine – and mind-blowing I may add – transformation. To once again quote Dr. Dyer, who put this in a more straightforward way:

“[…] If you refuse to accept responsibility for the incarnation of a new and higher concept of yourself then you reject the means – the only means – whereby the attainment of your ideal can be affected. […] To make this transition from the ordinary level of consciousness to the super level of consciousness involves such a fundamental renewal, such a dramatic change of personality, that few are prepared to make such a commitment to the fullfillment of their own dharma.”

A very good way to reach deeper levels of unconsciousness is by deep meditation. Personally, it has taken me years of practise to manage to truly “go inside” and…connect. In the beginning of my conscious spiritual journey I really did not take to meditation. Looking back I realize that I instead chose some kind of theoretical devotion – it probably felt like a much quicker path to Enlightenment (yes, my impatience probably had a great deal to do with my “short-cut” approach).

man sunrise meditatiionI did however try meditation many times – as I’d heard of it. I sat down, in Lotus-position as that’s what I’d learned that that’s what “true” devotees would do (jeez…I know!) but I wouldn’t really manage to let go and drop my identification with thought, feeling and sensation. At numerous times I’d fall into a specific level of depth and then I would (intentionally, I believe) distract myself – probably just to avoid confronting the frightening truth that at the center of it all there is NO THING, nothing at all. Not even my ideas of who I am. My own experiences make me feel compassionate for each and everyone that gets frightened by such (sometimes painful) discovery. It challenges everything our society and “modern world” has taught us, everything as we know it. We don’t like to realize it as it is. It’s scary. However, the only way out is to let go off it all – to drop our false and in fact shallow “self””.

Once we are being ready to be challenged – and actually seeing the amazing beauty of that challenge – an entirely new (although old) world/dimension opens up. One in which we have the opportunity to truly (re)discover our life’s purpose, our vision and true love as our soul knows it. Again, spiritual progress is not usually experienced as some event-changing shift. It is a gradual awakening composed of many shifts and realizations. And it’s a beautiful beautiful journey because that which we find in our meditations generates such different kind of energy and awareness that it reaches far beyond self conscious protection – we find our safe haven and true joy for this life we are given. We find our authentic selves and there is no greater joy. It makes you strong, courageous and happy happy HAPPY (and a little bit craaazy) – I promise!

“The purpose of meditation is to stop thinking for a time, wait for the fog of thought to thin, and glimpse the spirit within.” – Dr Chopra

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