Not one single story is true

There is no truth! I truly enjoy everything that keep me “thinking”. Great post and I’d love to read more of the same…questioning everything.

Faith or Certainty

once_uponInspired by a TED talk sent to me by a friend (you can watch it here if you have 20 minutes to spare, it is worth it).

I have been thinking about how we create our perceptions through single stories. The media in general tells a single story, investigative journalism maybe less so but we usually hear a perspective that paints the picture the teller wants us to see. Anyway my post is not about journalism, that is just an example of how we get told something, believe it and then have a somewhat singular view on the matter.

It is like going to a city in your country that has been reported as having the highest crime rate in the nation and you experience a level of fear for your safety as you visit it. That is until you meet some of the nicest people you have ever met…

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