Action from inside out

Leadership, business and relationships are all about trustworthiness, about being reliable. It’s about competency and character. It’s no secret that most individuals choose to follow the leader who has managed to combine these two and by that create a imagesCAFE6D2Vsense of trust and reliability. However, in order for us to become trustworthy leaders we first and foremost must really know ourselves – our own personal values – and what we want. You need to be able to lead yourself before you can lead others wisely. It’s about action from inside out.

Before you successfully can lead others through good and bad times though, you need to truly know who you are and what you want. Ask yourself questions, the right kind of questions that’ll ensure that you’ll get to the core of what you truly stand for. The ability to ask the right kind of questions are just as important as the capability of finding the right answers. When our priorities are in harmony with our personal values we not only set the foundation for a stronger sense of satisfaction with ourselves and our lives but we also achieve a sense of personal strength and inner security– the kind that people notice and feel “safe” with and to follow. The kind of leader that people get inspired by and want to follow.

Great leaders know themselves – they lead from their values and visions. Everyone needs a vision for their life – a clear image of a desirable future. The creative process during which our vision takes form imagesCAZTIOLHacts as catalyst for our future and an inspiring vision based on guiding values gives us a sense of purpose, something to work towards.

Great leaders also create a shared vision for their organization’s development. In this vision they coordinate and direct their employees focus towards the shared projects. It is when everyone is moving towards the same direction that great results are accomplished. By involving your employees in the process of creating the organization’s vision – with grounds from a solid foundation of organizational values – your employees will feel a greater sense of understanding and ownership of the vision’s purpose and implementation.

The process of creating an organizational culture based on values and visions takes time. It also requires leaders who not only lead from their heart but also have a great sense of integrity, communications skills, a desire for cooperation and the ability to keep a sense of simplicity. As a leader, it’s your responsibility to demonstrate to your employees the importance of your organization’s values and vision – “walk the talk”. It’s also you that needs to show the connection between the values, the vision, the organization’s goals and your employees’ individual goals. However, in successfully managing to do so, you ensure that the entire organization work towards the same destination – creating the future that you want.

Define your personal values in life – what’s important and less important to you? Reflect on how your personal values affect you in your life and in your leadership – are you working to get a pay-check or for a purpose? What kind of human being and leader do you want to be? How do you want your fellow human beings and employees to describe you? What are your weaknesses and strengths? What kind of development do you need in order for you to become the best you want to and can be? How do you envision your future? If you could mould the future for yourself what would it look like?

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