Employee Engagement – Becoming a Dream Manager

“If we can find ways to help our employees achieve their dreams, we build loyal employees who will share their positive attitude back at the work place, and be more productive and loyal than ever.”

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Dream Manager BookI’ve met a lot of business owners who started their company to follow their dreams, but over time the team has become a place of frustration for the employees and the owner. I recently read a book title The Dream Manager, and it has some great concepts that you should consider in our efforts to build a fully engaged and loyal team.

The Dream Manager, written by Matthew Kelly,  is a story of a janitorial service company that created a role called the “Dream Manager” as an effort to keep good employees, and reduce the cost of the constant employee turnover. The book suggests that you will never be able to promote enough, give enough benefits, or pay enough money to keep people engaged and committed to your company, unless your company takes an active role in helping them achieve their own dreams.

The reality is that most people don’t…

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