Are you prepared for the leadership challenges of the future?

future leadersAdaping to the new demands on leaders

Today’s leaders will need to abandon much of their current thinking and behavior in order to succeed as leaders over the next two decades. If you want your business to not only survive but also thrive you’ll simply have to adapt to the new skills and competencies needed.

We can already see changes taking place within organizations, slowly adapting to the new work culture. There’s a clear moveChange towards greater individualization as current work processes are being modified, to better suit individuals rather than the organization. Independent work and time management is also being promoted, allowing employees time for their personal projects if they so wish. Old school hierarchical organizations are being flattened as employees are demanding accelerated leadership and continous feedback.

Employeeship – with responsibiliy, loyalty and initiative – is on the rise and conscious leaders are already learning to balance the roles of coach, boss and mediator. As a future leader, you’ll be expected to manage through influence rather than authority and be able work through collaborative approaches inside and outside your organization. But that’s not it, you’ll also need to have a deep sense of integrity, curiosity and transparency as trust will be a keyword in order to create loyalty amongst your employees.

Work CultureDoes it make you feel overwhelmed? Don’t be. It just takes a little bit extra courage to go against a culture of hierarchies, micro-managing and low employee appreciation. However there are great organizations to learn from, all over the world.

Organizations in the Scandinavian countries are decades long experts on employeeship – it’s even a legal requirement to involve employees in major decisions. Which in itself creates problems at times but that’s a subject for another post. Other great examples are also companies that successfully are practising servant leadership as parts of that “philosophy” are transparent influential leadership and active employee engagement.

What is your organization doing to attract and keep the new generations of employees? And how are you personally developing your leadership to meet the new standards?

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