5 Things Successful Leaders Do

No one is born a leader. Leadership, just like life, is a constant “work” in progress – a never ending growth process. It’s not always easy but it’s always fun! There are a few basic things you can do though to be a better leader:

1. Do. Not. Ever. Loose. Your. Temper.
I can not stress it enough, a successful leader never loses her temper. Your employees might forgive many of your shortcomings but I can assure you, they will not respect you if you can not control your anger. Nor should they – it’s an abusive attribute.

2. Include your team in your decision making process
Some leaders have a tendency to make all decisions by themselves. There’s really no valid reason for that. Your employees are chosen to work in your organization for a reason and regardless of their initial skills, by including them in your decision making process they will not only grow individually and as a team, but their improved workplace engagement will grow your business as well. Also, your employees are more likely to react positive to something when they are trusted with the reason(s) behind your decision. Make “why” one of your new favorite words.

“Great leaders explains the ‘why’ behind their reasoning.”
– Ulrika @GustoLifeGroup

3. Encourage learning
Successful leaders creates an open minded, conscious and positive work environment. Initiatives from their team members are encouraged. “Good” ideas are publicly recognized and ”bad” ideas are never trashed. As a matter of fact, what you say and how you act when presented with a new idea by an employee is part of that which will make or break your success.

boat-606187_12804. Be a coach and a role model
Being a leader also means being a coach. Learn, encourage and if needed, correct your team members. Just like with children, your employees aren’t going to do what you say, they’ll do what you do. Don’t expect – or worse, demand – that your employees live up to a standard that you do not live up to yourself. Lead by being a good example – “walk the talk” in other words.

5. Define your expectations
Clarity is always good! Be clear with your expectations on each individual employee but also on what you expect from them as a team. Use the organizations different policies, work descriptions and the employee hand book as tools – it’s what they are made for.

Remember that your employees have as much invested in your organization as you have. No matter their individual desires and goals, they want to feel good about their work. They want to succeed. As a leader, you’ve got a huge responsibility in making it happen – you can change someone’s life for the better. Do it, by being the best leader you can be!

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