The Power to Enjoy

A life worth living – it’s here and now.

Thrive in Exile

We don’t have to look very hard as we go through our days to find people who are struggling to find success. Some just want to get by and have their basic needs met, I’m not talking about those people. According to Solomon, these are the oppressed. They are oppressed by some system (either a government, institution, family, or their own thinking). If they change the influence of these circumstance, then they will be able to thrive.

What I want to focus on are all those people who are striving hard after big goals. These are the people who work extremely hard, take the extra shift, put in the extra time, and sacrifice just about anyone and anything to make it.  What is usually behind this undying devotion to success? Is it not often vanity? Isn’t it a sense of pride that sees oneself as slightly better, or…

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