Keep Your Mission and Values Alive

stones-608373_1280Employee awareness of your organization’s mission and values is an important part of managing great operations in your organization. It has been proven that employees increasingly don’t care about what they do until they know why and how to do it.

As a leader in your organization, create opportunities to communicate and reinforce the culture. Make the culture come alive in your organization. It’s easy to do but makes a huge difference in leading a value-centered and performance-driven work environment.

Here are some easy-to-implement tips to increase awareness and employee engagement:

  • Document the mission statement and values and post them where your team members can read on a regular basis. You can even include a few examples of each value that you have seen in your organization and on how your team members incorporate these in their workday.
  • Posting values on the wall is a good start, but you also need to go above and beyond that. When recognizing your team, always relate their good work back to the mission and values.
  • Look for opportunities to reinforce the values. When it comes to providing constructive feedback to an employee, making difficult decisions, and dealing with resident issues always relate it back to the organization’s values.
  • Recruit for values because you cannot train values. When hiring new employees, look for your corporate values throughout the interview process.
  • When bringing a new team member onboard, instill them in the work culture. Be sure to include the mission and values into the new employee onboarding process to help create awareness.

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