1-Minute Playbook: Take Control Of Your Time

waiting-410328_1280Poor time management is simply a bad habit. You can learn to organize and control your time better by following some simple tips listed below:

– If a task takes less than five minutes, do it right away. If it takes longer, put it on a list. Keep a written to-do list and incorporate the “less than five minute” strategy.

– For a couple of days, take an inventory of how you spend your time to find out where and how you’re wasting time. Write down everything you do today and reflect – is there something you are wasting time on?

– Cut big jobs into small chunks. Order the chunks by importance. Work on one chunk at a time. Think of a large project or task you need to complete. Break it into small chunks. Does the project or task feel more manageable?

– If part of your day involves routine repetitive tasks, keep records of how long they take and then try to do them faster. Time one repetitive task you complete on a daily basis. Work on completing this task quicker each day.

– Learn to differentiate between the important and the urgent. What’s important is not always urgent. What’s urgent is not always important. On your written to do list, write an “I” next to important tasks, a “U” next to urgent tasks and a “I/U” next to important and urgent tasks. Now prioritize your list.

What other tips do you have for better time management? We’d love to hear about them!




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