1-Minute Playbook: How To Excel Your Leadership

puzzle-654957_1280Most often the leadership of an organization is the main reason employees either love or hate their job. The leader is the one connecting the employee to the organization, and if that relationship is damage in one way or another, the employee will eventually decide to leave.

For many years we’ve been promoting an active and conscious leadership – a leadership that is goal oriented, energetic and humanistic. You might also know it as sustainable leadership, mindful leadership, centered leadership or heart based leadership. As the name implies, conscious leadership is about having a well of physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual strength that drives personal achievement and, in turn, inspires others to follow.

One of the greatest challenges for conscious leaders is to connect their personal development, with a deep understanding of the organization and its strategical challenges. However, we’ve got five easy to implement tips for you on how to do this:

  • Lead with a sense of purpose – it will emphasize your employees’ feelings of transcendence.
  • Move focus from “challenges” to “learning opportunities” – it will change your team members perspective and creativity.
  • Build relationships through trust – you will see your team members excel in their roles.
  • Motivate through faith, not fear – you will build a courageous organization driven by “possibilities”.
  • Spread your positive energy – it is very contagious.

Do you want to know more about how to excel your leadership? We can help – contact us to schedule a complementary Strategy Session with Ulrika. We will talk about your goals, challenges and desired breakthroughs for the next 12 months.  By the end of the call, you will walk away with “next steps” recommendations necessary to achieve those breakthroughs.



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