So You Got Your Dream Job – Now What?

hand-648445_1280Congratulations! You’ve landed your dream job – now what do you do? Relax – we’ve got you covered with 9 tips on how to become an invaluable part of your new team.

1. Do your job
It may seem obvious but an employee have to be reliable and do their job. Your new boss does not want to – and should not have to – worry about if you’ll do what you are hired to do.

2. Be a team player
A really good employee does not seek attention or their “15-minutes of fame” at work. Employers want employees that are able to function well in a group – cooperation is key.

3. Receive feedback
Learn to receive advice and feedback the right way. If someone complains about something that you did or did not do, reflect on the feedback that you’ve been given and act accordingly.

4. Be a challenge-seeker
A great employee is not only positive to learn a new skill but also show a willingness to learn the most difficult ones. Be on the lookout for opportunities to develop your potential.

5. Be reliable
Great employees are trustworthy. They do not engage in gossip and they are loyal to the company and to their leader. When issues arise, discuss it directly with your leader.

6. Confidentiality is important
Reliability is directly connected to confidentiality. Be confidential in your actions and protect the integrity of your organization.

7. Engage in the daily activities
A good employee participates in the daily work activities. Don’t skip meetings – with whatever kind of excuse – or neglect participating in team activities. There’s a reason your boss arranges a meeting or activity and you are expected to be part of it.

8. Mind your own business
Every workplace have an individual who interferes with others affairs, is loud to get attention, gossip and in generally, causes disturbances. These employees are obviously not very good for the team or the work culture. Mind your own business and be a good team member.

9. Have a great attitude! A good employee always has a great attitude. No one wants to be around a “downer”. Smile, encourage others, give feedback and treat others the same way that you want to be treated by them.

If you follow these tips you will have a great foundation in your new job and improve your chances of a future promotion. Keep up the good work!


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