1-Minute Playbook: Don’t Play “the Blame Game”

_DSC0305-2Blaming other people or situations for difficult circumstances in our life is an energy-draining and counterproductive way of dealing with life. And it will not get you out of your unfortunate situation.

On the contrary, by blaming someone or something else for what’s going on, you put yourself in the position of a victim who is not in control. And since you are not in control, you can’t take action to change your circumstances, right? Wrong.

“Victim thinking” affects not just individuals but entire organizations. It’s a paralyzing way of thinking that hinders individuals, teams and organization from successful progress. But there’s an easy solution to it. By acknowledging that you are ultimately responsible for the results of your life, thoughts, and actions you will create a level of freedom not experienced by anyone who chose to be a victim.

By taking ownership of your own life, you will be empowered to act. Successful – and courageous – individuals are driven by the knowledge that they create their own success in life.


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