1-Minute Playbook: Improve Your Listening Skills

One of the most important skills you can learn to master in order to build and deepen your relationships is listening.

Try these techniques to ensure that you really understand what the other person is saying:

Ask the right questions at the right time
Remain silent until the other person has finished – don´t preach, interrogate or interrupt with your thoughts or advice. call-15683_1280 After he stops, ask for clarification with questions. Then paraphrase his words to see if you’ve gotten it right.

Keep an open mind.
Be curious instead of defensive. Don´t make assumptions or prejudgments. Eagerly and excitedly, ask the other person to add more specifics so you can truly understand what she means.

Be present, focused and listen attentively for the total meaning
Pay attention to both content and delivery. Tune in to the feelings of the speaker along with the facts – use both nonverbal and verbal cues to convey understanding and empathy.


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