1-Minute Playbook: This Is How Your Group Becomes A Team

teamwork-606829_1280As a leader you need to be a great team builder. You need to be the one who provides the substance that holds your team together, as you work towards your shared goals.

Your team starts as a group of strangers and they need to be synergized into a highly functional, high-performing team. For you as their leader, it means keeping the sense of team-spirit alive during any issues arising through your team´s development process. You play a significant part in defining a positive work tone and ethic for your team members from the very beginning by evoking a positive, teambuilding culture.

To understand the process of forming solid relationships to accomplish teambuilding, it is essential to track the process that groups go through while shaping their team. This group development process is generally understood by the four stages of forming, storming, norming and performing.

  • During the initial ‘forming’ stage, group members are polite, their roles are less clear and the group members rely on their leader to establish boundaries and explain expectations.
  • As roles and relationships become clearer, the group moves into the ‘storming’ stage. During this stage, individual group members and established roles are often questioned. As their leader you will most likely be asked to explain the foundation that is set for the group.
  • As the group moves forward, they encounter the ‘norming’ stage. During this stage, the team has a comfortably established hierarchy, friendships develop and relationships become stronger as the group realizes they have a shared vision.
  • Finally, in the ‘performing’ stage, the actualization of the team’s overall goals occurs. Hierarchy and culture are established, and team members have the ability to join or leave the organization or team without impacting its culture. The group members work together as a highly effective team.

During all four of these stages, building solid relationships becomes imperative for success. A balance of well-developed teambuilding and conscious leadership is obviously needed to construct strong, successful teams.


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