How to Help Employees Feel Connected to Your Company

Great post by Sandi Sonnenfeld on the importance of engaging your employees in your organization. Don´t miss it!

Communications & the C-Suite Executive

Gallup’s July update shows that only 32% of employees feel engaged at work. It seems a given that employees who feel a connection to the company they work for are more likely to go the extra mile because they feel they are part of something they are helping to create. Yet clearly companies continue to fail at successfully engaging their most valuable resource–their staff.

Part of the challenge, is that too many companies operate as though they are perpetually under siege: by competitors, by economic forces, by unrealistic goals set by shareholders or the CEO, or simply by a supervisor who uses fear and threats as a “motivator.” When companies operate this way, employees inevitably protect themselves from a siege mentality by distancing themselves emotionally even as they continue to physically perform their duties. In this type of corporate culture, no matter how many ice cream socials, free yoga classes…

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