Getting Unstuck – Using the Lean StartUp Method to Move Forward

In order for you to be successful you need to keep moving forward. In a situation where you feel stuck – or even paralyzed – this is easier said than done though. In this inspirational article Colleen Sharen shares her thoughts on the subject.

Thinking is Hard Work


Ever been stuck?  Just can’t move? Don’t know what to do? Most of us have been stuck at one point or another. The question is how to get unstuck. And the answer is to move.  Yup. Just to move in any direction.  A few years ago I shared my own getting unstuck experience on the pages of this blog.  Today I’m going to share some thoughts from the entrepreneurship community, specifically from Eric Ries’ book  The Lean Startup.

The idea of a lean startup is that while planning is important, the only way you can learn is by starting with a simple, low cost version of your product or service, and getting feedback from customers.  So, once you get feedback, you can iterate or improve your product BEFORE you’ve spent a ton of dough on developing the “perfect” product that isn’t so perfect.

Because entrepreneurs work in an incredibly…

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