1-Minute Playbook: Don´t Spread Already Contained Conflicts

meeting-106591_1920As a leader it´s natural to desire a swift end to any current conflict in or between your team members or departments, while at the same time take the opportunity in question to share your expectations with your employees. However, this can easily – and often does – backfire.

When conflicts are localized to one or two individuals or departments, as a leader you need to avoid expanding them to the organization as a whole. If you hold a staff-wide meeting to admonish everyone about your expectations in terms of their behavior, the very common but unintended result is actually an increase in gossip and rumor as well as the taking of sides based on personal loyalties and sympathies. And that´s definitely not a good outcome for you or your organization. In other words, unless it’s something that directly applies to everyone, don’t involve them.


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