how long does it take for a divorce to be finalized in ohio

Does Ohio have a waiting period for divorce?

The waiting periods for divorce in Ohio will vary. … For dissolution, there is no waiting period as long as couples agree to the action; residency of six months, however, is required.

How long does it take to get a divorce decree in Ohio?

30 to 90 days

What is the divorce process in Ohio?

For the divorce procedure, the party filing (the petitioner) must be an Ohio resident for at least 6 months, and of the county for 90 days. For a dissolution of marriage, one party must meet these same requirements, as both are co-petitioners. You will file in the Court of Common Pleas.

What is the average cost of a dissolution in Ohio?


The legal fee for an Ohio dissolution of marriage or divorce without children is $175. The legal fee for an Ohio dissolution of marriage or divorce with children is $350.

What is a wife entitled to in a divorce in Ohio?

The court presumes that the spouses contribute equally to all the marital property they acquire during the marriage. At divorce, the court divides the marital property equally between the spouses unless an unbalanced result is more equitable. The court can include either spouse’s separate property, too. (Ohio Rev.

How long after divorce can you remarry in Ohio?

Divorced couples may face an additional remarriage waiting period, up to 90 days.

State waiting times for remarriage after divorce.To remarry after divorceTo apply for a marriage licenseOhioNo restrictionsNo restrictionsOklahomaNo restrictionsNo restrictionsOregonNo restrictions3 daysPennsylvaniaNo restrictions3 days

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Is Ohio a no fault divorce state?

Ohio has a no-fault divorce law. A no-fault divorce in Ohio is also known as a “dissolution of marriage.”

Do you have to sign divorce papers in Ohio?

Remember… In Ohio, only one spouse needs to want the divorce in order for it to progress to completion. Here’s what you can expect if you and your spouse don’t agree on getting a divorce. … You can either sign the papers or file to contest the divorce with the courts.

Can I get a copy of my divorce decree online in Ohio?

The Ohio Clerk of Courts Association provides a directory of the different counties and the county clerks within them. To access a certified copy of a divorce record, fill out an Application for Certified Copies available online and submit by mail, email, fax, or in-person.

Who gets house in divorce Ohio?

Any property that the couple obtained together during the marriage is divided 50/50; (2). In a short-term marriage, separate property that was brought into the marriage will go back to whoever brought it into the marriage; (3).

Do you have to separate before divorce in Ohio?

You do not have to be legally separated before getting divorced. If you and your spouse live in different counties, you can choose which county you file in.

Does adultery affect divorce in Ohio?

The short answer is: Adultery is only a grounds for divorce in the state of Ohio. … Adultery does not play a role in financial aspects of a divorce case. • A person is not penalized by the Court for engaging in Adultery.

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Can you get a dissolution in Ohio without a lawyer?

The state of Ohio allows you to file for divorce without the assistance of a divorce attorney. … Even when you are seeking a dissolution of marriage, where you and your spouse agree on all terms of the divorce, you are still at risk of making mistakes during the filing process.

Do both parties have to be present for a dissolution in Ohio?

At the time of the hearing, both parties must be present in court. … If the court is satisfied that the couple agrees on the terms and desire to end their marriage, it will grant a dissolution as well as make the separation agreement and parenting plan a court order.

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