why did popularmmos and gamingwithjen get a divorce

When did PopularMMOs and GamingWithJen get divorced?

In 2015, he married fellow YouTuber and frequent collaborator GamingWithJen. They divorced in 2019.

Are Pat and Jen still married?

Pat got married to Jen in May 2015, after a year of Jen being his fiancé. In March of 2019 he got a divorce claiming “they both deserve to be happy,” also announcing they will continue to record together and find other people in their lives. They announced the information in late May.

Why did Gaming with Jen and PopularMMOs break up?

In their announcement video from 2019, Pat and Jen revealed that they split up because “they both deserve to be happy.” The split was also to do with the possibility of starting a family, with Pat stating: “Jen does want to have kids, I do not want to have kids.

Are Pat and Jen getting divorced?

Jennifer was born on October 28, 1990. Two years later, her parents divorced. … The divorce was very hard on her. On May 25, 2019, Pat uploaded a video titled “We are breaking up” annoucing their split publicly.

Why did PopularMMOs break up?

Pat and Jen Minecraft: We decided to break up and end our relationship because it will make us both happier.26 мая 2019 г.

How old is Dantdm?

28 years (November 8, 1991)

Who is Jens new boyfriend?

businessman John Miller

Is Eleni and Pat dating?

The pair hasn’t announced a relationship on social media

Eleni and Pat look like they are in a relationship, but they haven’t announced it. The pair met in August 2019, and from what we can tell, they are just friends.

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Who is Pat’s new girlfriend PopularMMOs?


Why did Crainer and fie break up?

He has a girlfriend named Fie, whom both are now broken up. The break-up happened sometime after one of their vacations. He has an obsession with meat poles, ever since season one of SkyFactory. This led to SSundee disliking meat poles as much as Crainer hates cobblestone.

What is Pat and Jen worth?

PopularMMOs Net Worth – $38 Million

They live together in Florida. Pat’s videos are mostly Minecraft videos but his early videos were of Runescape and has also done Tera, Rift, World of Warcraft etc.

How old is PopularMMOs?

31 years (November 25, 1988)

Who is PopularMMOs wife?

Jennifer “Jen” (born: October 28, 1990 (1990-10-28) [age 29]), better known online as GamingWithJen, is an American former gaming and vlogging YouTuber. For four years, she was married to PopularMMOs, another gaming YouTuber, until they became divorced after deciding to separate. She currently lives in Florida.

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