The Swedish tradition of Fika (pronounced ‘fee-ka’) is as common as breakfast; something almost everyone does at least once a day at work or at home. It factors into planning, work schedules, and even a relaxed weekend at home. Life without fika is unthinkable. Coffee is classic but tea is also common. It’s customary to have a sweet snack on the side, but enjoying a beverage on its own is also okay. And people go about this daily ritual on their own or in the company of others.

The point is that people deliberately carve out time in their day to slow down and take a break – that’s what makes it such an important part of daily life.

Fika simply connect people by opening up windows to decompress and communicate with each other in a friendly and relaxing atmosphere. So grab a cup of coffee or tea – and maybe something to snack on – and get ready for a relaxing mindful short break while you scroll through some of our posts here. Enjoy your fika!