Powerful Leadership for Women

Powerful Leadership for Women is a personally focused, comprehensive professional development process that will strengthen your leadership capacity.

Working one-on-one with an Executive Coach, you will learn how to:

– Align purpose with vision
– Leverage your strengths and manage your weaknesses
– Become the kind of person others want to follow
– Lead by serving
– Manage conflict
– Assert yourself to achieve positive results
– Tap into your inner power
– Communicate with power, confidence and authority
– Dare to self-care

With your Executive Coach, you will start with assessing how you show up as a leader (where you are now), and charting a course for how you want to be (defining the new you). Your learning journey will continue with action planning and goal setting, leadership development modules, and experiential learning exercises.

Throughout the program you will dive deep into a series of personal assessments. You will also learn how to step up your game, unleash your untapped potential and define your legacy.

Start your personal journey on the pathway to powerful leadership today!

Length of program:
3 months

For more information, contact us at gustolifegroup@gmail.com