The aged are not a spent force, they are a treasure house of knowledge. They are not to be sidelined, they are to be mainstreamed. These flowers may be faded but they still smell sweet through empowerment (Singh, 2001).

Empowering the elderly consist of enabling them in at least three spheres or dimensions of life, namely; economic, social, and health. All these three aspects are equally important. When we speak about empowerment of senior citizens, we address these two questions:

1.    What are the barriers to living your life the way you want to?
2.    How is your quality of life improving with age?

Aging often bring unique challenges

As a senior citizen, you have a whole new world of long term assistance and services waiting to be discovered. With the vast amount of information available you could easily spend days, if not weeks, sorting through the variety of options let alone making a decision about which ones are best for you or your loved one. This is where Gusto Senior Advisors services and Geriatric Care Management become important.

Our experienced Senior Advisors offer a vital bridge of support between you, your family, and the senior housing and long term care system. With our expertise and connections within the system, we are able to give insights and directions about which type of care and services are available to you as well as make recommendations for what would be suitable.

Although this list is not exhaustive, some of the services provided by our Senior Advisors include:

  • Crisis Intervention in emergency situations such as a fall which results in a broken hip
  • Assessments to determine problems related to cognitive functioning.
  • Assist with the selection and monitoring of home health aides. This is very important and beneficial if you and your loved ones live in different areas/countries.
  • Work with you and your family to encourage a positive transition if it is determined that it’s time for a move from your or your loved ones house into a senior living community.
  • Provide a referral to geriatric specialists that can properly diagnose specific medical conditions that arise.
  • Provide information about community resources that are available.
  • Advance Care- and Estate Planning, including legal forms
  • Guardianship and Conservatorship


Consultations cover a broad range of topics critical to thriving through the aging process, and can include:

  • Living situation
  • Placement options
  • Everyday activities
  • Nutritional status
  • Safety and Fall Prevention
  • Cognition
  • Mental status
  • Finances
  • Insurance

Following a professional consultation, we will provide  a detailed written report covering options, local resources and services that are most appropriate for your unique situation. Contact us today for an initial dialogue about your or your loved ones needs.