why did jon and kate gosselin divorce

Why did Jon Gosselin get custody of Hannah?

Jon’s custody battle for his children began in 2015. He started by filing for custody of Hannah after she reportedly told her dad that she was uncomfortable living with Kate. “In a perfect world, Jon would take all the kids, but he’s not in a position to,” a source close to the situation told E! News at the time.

What does Kate Gosselin do for a living?


Are Jon and Kate back together?

Jon and Kate Gosselin finalized divorce in six months

In the aftermath of their split, they had to learn how to co-parent their children. Jon and Kate’s show became Kate Plus 8, which TLC canceled in 2019. … Jon is back on the dating scene too. He’s dating Colleen Conrad and has been since 2014.

How Much Is Jon Gosselin worth?

The star’s earnings are nowhere close to the money his former flame made over the years. Jon’s net worth is around $10,000, according to Celebrity Net Worth, while Kate’s is $200,000. After making a splash on TV, he’s had several different jobs.14 мая 2020 г.

Who has custody of Jon?

Jon Gosselin has custody over Hannah and Collin

On October 24, 2018, Jon Gosselin and his attorney filed papers for physical and legal custody of Collin. They claimed that it would be in the 15-year-old’s best interest to live with Gosselin upon his release from the treatment center.

Who is Kate Plus 8 dating now?

Kate Gosselin and her millionaire boyfriend are still going strong! The Kate Plus 8 star, who has quietly been dating businessman Jeff Prescott for several months, stepped out in Philadelphia Friday night to enjoy a romantic night away with her man.

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What happened to Collin on Kate plus eight?

Collin was revealed to have “special needs” — and was sent away in 2016. Collin was 12 when Kate sent him to live in a special needs educational facility. Although there weren’t any specifics offered at the time about what these special needs were, the mom of eight made it clear that it was what was best for her son.

What happened to Kate Plus 8 son?

6. Collin was sent away in 2016. Kate decided the chaos of being on a reality show was too much for Collin, but didn’t pull the plug on the show. Instead, she sent him to an unnamed facility where his needs could be addressed away from the cameras, and the family.

Who did Jon cheat on Kate?

Deanna Hummel

How much is Kate Plus 8 worth?

Kate Gosselin net worth and salary: Kate Gosselin is an American reality television star who has a net worth of $500 thousand dollars. As the mother of eight children, a set of sextuplets and a set of twins, Kate Gosselin starred in the reality series Jon and Kate Plus 8, which aired from 2007-2009.

How much did Jon and Kate make per episode?

Kate reportedly brought in about $40,000 per episode for her new show, according to Radar Online. Jon and Kate have been embroiled in a vicious court battle for custody since their 2009 divorce, which ended earlier this year according to Jon.

What city does Kate Gosselin live in?

Can you say upgrade? Before Kate and Jon Gosselin called it quits for good, they purchased a home together in Wernersville, Pa. — a gorgeous place situated on nearly 24 acres of land.

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