why did paula white and randy white divorce

Who is Paula White ex husband?

Рэнди Уайт1990 г. – 2007 г.

How old is Paula White?

54 года (20 апреля 1966 г.)

When did Paula White marry?

27 апреля 2015 г. (Джонатан Кейн)1990 г. (Рэнди Уайт)

Who is Paula White son?

Брэдли Найт

What happened to Paula White and her first husband?

On August 23, 2007, Randy White announced that he and Paula were divorcing. According to The Christian Post, White says the divorce was amicable, and they remain friends.

What happened to Paula White’s ex husband?

On July 12, 2009, Randy White resigned as pastor and bishop of Without Walls International Church, and Paula White, his ex-wife, was named the successor. Randy White states he was stepping down as pastor because of health and would still remain connected with the church in a different position.

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Who is Jonathan Cain married to?

Paula Whitem. 2015

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