A shift in energy

When something that you perceive as bad “happens to” you, what do you do to shift the energy? Do you let yourself off the hook – being the victim – or do you take charge of the situation? How do you clear a pattern which you find doesn’t take you forward, energetically, but leaves you stuck or even worse, moves you backwards?

This is something which I had an excellent opportunity to reflect on this week. Again! I’m not going to borehearthmath-new-beginning you with the details but I can say that I, in the beginning of the week, was in a situation that got me “stuck” in a state of lower frequency and this basically drew more negative energies (events) to me during the day ‘til I found myself absolutely exhausted and disconnected from God and my state of Flow. Talking to a loved one I realized I had to swiftly find what pattern I needed to cut and get passed in order not to be faced with such event(s) again – and to simply get back in the Flow again! Basically, I needed to consciously focus on all my loved blessings as well as surround myself with positive individuals and experiences so that my energy frequency could rise again.

Raising ones frequency doesn’t have to be complicated or done in a difficult way, on the contrary it’s really very easy. The most difficult part about it is probably making oneself aware of it during a time of distress, anger or any other “negative” situation! It’s so easy however that it can be done in the most simple but joyful way. For example, on the evening of my negative experience – the situation in question – I did this by hanging out in the park a lot longer time with my doggie and got to be talking to and cheering on a group of seniors playing boule. By doing this I got to be feeling the energy of joy and cheerfulness that they were experiencing as well as the energy of happy surprise and appreciation – which goes both ways I might add as I feel pure joy of spending time with the elderly and get to take part of their wisdom – to get to connect through generations (which I love and this naturally made my shift of frequency even deeper). Wonderful!

sunrise over the mountainsSomething which I’ve found – and got confirmed once more these days – is that if you instantly clear your energies – or whatever you might define it as – from any negativity in such way that you experience a shift in consciousness, it all also instantly changes. Literally!!! It’s sooo cool!! By erasing patterns that doesn’t serve your Divine purpose you clear the way for miracles to happen. Truly! And the best part is that it doesn’t have to be in a huge dramatic way! You simply need to make a conscious decision to whatever happens, you’ll connect to God (the Divine or whatever term you feel comfortable with) and ask for awareness of what pattern you need to get rid off – as it doesn’t serve your life purpose – and, with that knowledge, shift into a vibration of love and gratitude. Try it! For 24/7 for, let’s say a week, put yourself into a higher level frequency by thinking about something which you love and are grateful for and no matter what you face, simply embrace the event/individual as it is without judgement or reflection and swiftly shift your thoughts back to that which you love and feel gratitude towards. By the end of the week, take a moment by yourself and reflect on how you feel as well as of what “great” things or events that came your way during the week. I am confident that you’ll notice that as you’re getting closer and closer to the core of your old patterns that aren’t serving your higher purpose and eliminate these, you’ll see a tremendous change in what and the amount of “positive” events/individuals coming your way. It really is that simple – as it says in Kabbala “a little light pushes away a lot of darkness”.

Once you start living in a frequency of love and gratitude there is no way you can “go back” and live in a lower frequency. By raising your consciousness in all areas of your life and of your Being, you get to experience miracles on a frequent basis and that’s amazing – all simply by living from your own truth! It’s pure JOY!!

The practise of mindfulness…

001295…can be said as being the art of staying in the moment – accepting what it is – because it is already here. Mindfulness was originally developed by Jon KabatZinn in order for him to assist and help individuals with a wide range of medical issues. The practise is based on Buddhist philosophy and involves meditation, yoga and stretching techniques as well as some principles of cognitive behavioural therapy.

So what is mindfulness? Well, contrary to popular belief mindfulness is not simply about learning how to relax. It is a way of being, about about learning to be in the moment – in the Now – with help of observation. By practising mindfulness you become aware of what you are experiencing with acceptance, not trying to change things as they are at any given moment – the way they are right now – for better or for worse. It might sound strange or difficult to practise, and at times it is. I’ve learned from experience that this applies especially for very ambitious individuals whom been thought that you need to do whatever it takes in order to get what you want. The ones who feel the need to have control over their lives and by trying to do so live their life days, months or even years ahead of the present moment while the years pass.

Mindfulness isn’t  about letting go of your own responsibilities for your own life or to just let things be as they are. It is more about doing your best at every given moment and feel satisfied with as well as accept that. Mindfulness gives everyone the ability to live life to the full and everyone can have it. The only thing you need to do is to investigate your mind and harmonise your senses.

“Do not pursue the past.
Do not lose yourself in the future.
The past no longer is.
The future has not yet come.
Looking deeply at life as it is.
In the very here and now, the practitioner dwells in stability and freedom.
We must be diligent today.
To wait until tomorrow is too late.
Death comes unexpectedly.
How can we bargain with it?
The sage calls a person who knows how to dwell in mindfulness night and day,
‘one who knows the better way to live alone.”
Bhaddekaratta Sutta

The power of true faith

faithA couple of nights ago I was listening to a seminar with Dr. Wayne Dyer – who by the way is one of my favourite writers as well as spiritual teachers as he is truly inspiring, sharp and has a great deal of self distance. Dr Dyer was talking about manifesting. He was basically and how we as co-creative human beings have the power within us to create not only what we want but also, in a greater perspective, the peaceful world many wish to have.

For someone new to the subject talking about manifesting might of course sound somewhat overwhelming and for others even like a matter that is being very untrue or unrealistic. As a matter of fact, it actually made me laugh when I listened to Mr Dyer tell the story about a reaction he got on one of his seminars about manifestation as he said that:

 “On a seminar I held I had this woman there who obviously did NOT know what she signed up on. After me giving my introduction I heard this lady in the back row ´-OMG this is just what I need. Two days with Mr Positive. And I’m gonna have to listen to him tell me that whatever I need I just have to ask for it`.”

I recognize that kind of reaction and I absolutely understand it. For someone who might feel that things are barely or never “going his or her way” it really sound like a utopia that thoughts become truths. I’ve been there. However,  it actually is that simple.

When you change the way you look at things, the things that you look at change.

As someone always connected to God you can really create the life you want. We all have the capability to create more peace within our selves, not only in a spiritual perspective but also in a quantum scientific perspective. Each and every one of us, as pieces of this conscious “whole” – as pieces of God – also have within us the capacity to create what we want for ourselves and others. In unity we can do so much, not only for ourselves but for the world – this planet – as whole, by our own example to other who do not believe in us as “one”.
In order for you to manifest something into your life you need to realize that wishing is just not enough. You need to ask, with a passionate will. Ask God or whatever God standsfor, for you, as asking is a necessary step in receiving. We all know it “ask…and you shall receive”. Learn to put your attention on what you want, be passionate about asking for it – independably on what others might think – and you will receive it. We all have the ability to manifest as, as Deepak Chopra put it,

the power to manifest is based on the biological functions supporting our need for survival.”

Remember though that what you really  do not want, you will also get. That’s logical. Whatever you put your intention on in life you will get. What you think about is what will expand – “as you think so shall you be”. There’s an abundance of disciplines pointing out the power of thoughts as an amazing force to create into the material world. This is why if your inner energy is on what you don’t want, then what you don’t want is what you will manifest into your life. So, shift your focus instead to what you do want and that’s what you will receive.

I have never listened to anyone out there telling me what to feel or do – well I listen as I’m polite about it – but I’ve left the tribe. I’ve left the tribe a long time ago. They don’t know I’ve left. They still send me invitation to all the tribal functions. And I rarely attend. They explain that away by saying ´-oh that’s Wayne, that’s just how he is, you know how he is, you can’t tell him anything´ and that’s fine.” – Wayne Dyer