How do you add value to your team?

Successful leaders know that “you’re only as strong as your weakest links”. They know that everyone imagesCAZ3E01Hin a team has his own role to play and that each team member is an important part in the wheel that keeps the organization moving forward.

They also know that no job is a meaningless job – personally I even find it offensive when someone has such attitude regarding certain jobs or workers – and that every individual whom are to become part of the organization needs to be carefully selected.

The question is, how does one select the “right” team member? Well, when great leaders develop teams they aren’t just assembling the right skills or experiences – they are determining the right people, the right individual. These leaders know, often from their own hard-earned experience, that it’s easy to be blinded by a fancy resumé, great numbers or outstanding referrals and, by that, forget what’s really important in the long run – the individual person and the values of that person. These leaders put collaboration high on their own value list and they are well aware of the fact that shared values are essential for a team’s success. The shared values acts like a solid foundation to build the team’s success on.

WimagesCA37NQ0Ahen looking to add a new member to your team and organization, first take a closer look at the values of your organization – what your organization as a whole stands for. And then combine those values with the skills and experience that is needed to get the job done effectively. By doing so you’ll get the “right” team member, one which not only can do the job but also complement your team as well as your organization – the one with the ability to utilize the great resources the other team members possess. And remember, “a skill is generally replaceable, but each individual is unique”.

Useful questions:
– Does this person have something to offer the team and the organization?
– How will (s)he fit in the team’s/organization’s dynamic?
– Will adding this person add to the values of the team and the organization?

How do you select new employees and team members? What’s your top priority? What is it that you are looking for in a potential candidate?