How To Achieve Business Excellence

business-world-472556_1280Tom Peters said that “business excellence is featured by good profitability, business capability, growth in sales, and market share, on the basis of quality”.

There are a few key elements that form the foundation for any successful business. Master them and you´ve got a greater chance of sustainable success. Read all about the 5 crucial keys here in the manifesto Achieving Excellence.


The Art Of the Start

art-89198_1280I love simplifying things in life and nothing makes that easier than To Do-lists. Not only are they great ways to reflect on – hence clarify – what´s really important but they are also fantastic tools to maximize your time. Time management at its best.

If you are about to start up your own business, or any other organization, it is even more important to be effective and clear on your “why´s”. In today´s article Guy Kawasaki talks about the best way to start off. You can read The Art Of The Start here.