where to file for divorce in tarrant county

How do I file for divorce in Tarrant County?

In Tarrant County, Texas, family law matters and divorce cases fall under the jurisdiction of District Courts. The filing spouse (plaintiff) should collect the required divorce forms for their divorce in Texas, fill out these divorce papers, and file a Petition for Divorce through the District Clerk’s office.

How much does it cost to file for divorce in Tarrant County?

New filings include the following costs: a $46 filing fee, a $75 constable service fee per defendant, if served in Tarrant County (please select correct precinct), and copy fees ($1 for first page, 25 cents per additional page).

Where do I file for divorce in Arlington Texas?

Contact US!

  • Arlington Office. 2221 E Lamar Blvd #800. Arlington, TX 76006. Telephone: 817-275-4100. Fax: 817-275-4106. …
  • Dallas Office. 12801 N Central expy, #370. Dallas, Tx 75243. Telephone: 214-453-2420. Fax: 214-302-8290. …
  • Fort Worth Office. 4100 International Plaza, Suite 150. Fort Worth, TX 76109. Telephone: 817-275-4100.

Where do I file a lien in Tarrant County?

If the project is located in Tarrant county, then yes, you will want to record your lien with the Tarrant County Clerk’s office.

How do I file for divorce without a lawyer in Texas?

How to File for an Uncontested Divorce Without an Attorney in…

  1. Meet Texas’s Residency Requirements. …
  2. Get a Petition of Divorce. …
  3. Sign and Submit the Petition. …
  4. Deliver a Petition Copy to Your Spouse. …
  5. Finalize Settlement Agreement. …
  6. Attend Divorce Hearing. …
  7. File the Final Decree with the Clerk.

Are divorce records public in Texas?

Most Texas divorce records are public information which can be made available to interested members of the public upon request.

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Do I have to go to court for uncontested divorce Texas?

Your uncontested case is ‘agreed’ if you and your spouse agree on what to put in your Decree of Divorce, your spouse has signed a waiver or answer, and your spouse is willing to sign your Decree of Divorce. There is no formal trial, and you probably won’t have to ever appear in court.

How do I file for divorce in Fort Worth Texas?

Getting Started – Filing

If you are seeking a divorce, the first formal document to file is the Original Petition for Divorce. You must file it in the county courthouse where you (or your spouse) live. You must pay a filing fee, which may be waived if you cannot pay the fee.

How do I file divorce in Texas?

To begin your Texas divorce case, you must file several forms.

At a minimum, your initial filing must include the following forms:

  1. Original Petition for Divorce (includes Summons)
  2. Citation (or waiver)
  3. Notice of Service of Process.
  4. Decree of Divorce.

How do I file a DBA in Tarrant County?

Assumed name forms, or DBAs, should be filed with the County Clerk’s Office of the county in which the filing entity is located and will be conducting business. Forms can be completed in person or submitted by mail if notarized.

How much does it cost to change your name in Tarrant County Texas?

How much will it cost to change my name? The court filing fee may be between $150 – $300 depending on where you live. Contact the district clerk’s office in your county to learn the filing fee for an adult name change.

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How do I get the deed to my house in Texas?

You may obtain Texas land records, including deeds, from the county clerk in the Texas county in which the property is located. You can search online for a deed in some counties, or else request the deed from the clerk in person, by mail, phone, fax or email.

How do you find out if there is a lien on a property in Texas?

Search the county recorder, clerk, or assessor’s office online. All you need is the name of the property owner or its address. If your county does not have the data online, then visit the county recorder, clerk, or assessor’s office in person.

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